Vanity Sizing

So, I have been doing a lot of complaining about my recent shopping experiences. I am a busy mom and have very little time to shop, so I do a lot of it online; or I quickly run into store, grab a few articles of clothing, and buy without trying anything on. I know I would save time by trying it on since I seem to be returning most of these items, but my body weight and size hasn’t changed much in the last couple of years…I should know what fits me for most retailers. But apparently, I don’t. Clothing size means nothing anymore. I find that clothing sizes vary from store to store, and some have changed to european sizes as well…nothing is consistent. I also believe that most sizes are getting bigger and it’s a marketing scam to make people feel better about their growing waistlines. “I gained 10 pounds, but still fit into a size 8″….Really? “I can have another doughnut, because I wear a size 2”. Who are we fooling here? My sister was in the J.Crew outlet and realized that same issue. She even approached the saleswoman wondering why the smaller sizes are falling off of her. The saleswoman straight out admitted that its part of J.Crew’s “Vanity Sizing”. Wow, they even have a name for it. Yesterday I made a trip out to the King of Prussia Mall to do some more returns….no surprise. And while I was enjoying my trip with my hyper 5 year old, I bumped into this time capsule…OK, it wasn’t a time capsule, but it sure looked like one. Anyway, it was a body scanning device that you step into and it sends low power signals through your body (sounds scary, I know…check website for more details – http://www.mybestfit.com) and it determines your measurements and creates a shopping list for you. The shopping list tells you what size and fit matches your body type, as well as the brand and cost. From there it will print out the list from best fit to least. For now it only does it for jeans and pants, but hopefully that will change in the future. It is also limited to specific apparel brands; but they are constantly adding additional retailers. I haven’t made a purchase off of the list yet, but apparently the J Brand jeans will be the best fit for me and for only $218….Yeah, I think I’ll pass. It is amusing that the sizes are all over the place, anywhere from a size 4 to a size 00 (cracks me up that a size 00 even exists, if I am a size 00, then their must be a 0000 in that store as well). Anyway, the bonus is that if you make a purchase off of the list, you get a $5 gift card at Starbucks…Yay, after I buy my size 00 jeans, I’ll go buy a Grande Carmel Frappacino with extra Whipped Cream!

I know I could go on and on about this, but I will leave it at that and hope that whoever reads this comes away with something positive…mainly ignore what is says on the tags, move your bodies, keep a clean diet and you will be wearing a size XXXXS very soon, kidding. And don’t forget that you can contact me to help you reach youe fitness/health goals (shameless plug)!!


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