Preseason Athletic Training for Kids

I will be offering the following services in August:

Tuesday evenings – group endurance runs (free)

Thursday evenings – Athletic Conditioning ($10/class) plus Nutrition tips for the athlete

Group Runs: An athlete can run, on average, 5 miles in a soccer or field hockey game (depending on position, of course).  Most children are not prepared for the endurance involved in these sports.  In addition, I find that young athletes have a difficult time separating the “running” from the actual “sport”.  Some children can’t mentally run without doing something else, (kicking a ball, dribbling, etc).  Group Runs turn the act of running into something social and fun, they can set their own goals, but also build your their endurance and prepare them for athletic competition.  They will learn how to run efficiently and hopefully understand the importance of incorporating it into their training.

Athletic Conditioning: There is so much emphasis on young athletes to “play the sport” and not enough on developing movement, building strength, flexibility, balance, and most importantly “training the core”.  An efficient core allows the athlete to distribute weight, absorb force, and maintain the athletes center of mass over a changing base of support. In these training sessions, I will incorporate the NASM OPT Training Model (www.NASM.com).  This training approach ensures that the body’s stabilization system will function utilizing strength, power, neuromuscular control & endurance.  A weak core typically means inefficient movement and then greater potential for injury.

Nutrition: Athletes perform better when they incorporate proper nutrition.  I will address the best ways for athletes to fuel their bodies.  Nutrition for the athlete is just as important as training, and most athletes don’t know what and when they should eat and drink.  We will spend approximately 10 minutes per session discussing nutrition.

If your child is interested in Athletic Training, please complete the following forms: Athletic Conditioning Waiver


2 thoughts on “Preseason Athletic Training for Kids

  1. Interested in the preseason athletic training for my daughter. Where is it held and when does it begin

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