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I’m Back….

When I first created my website, I wasn’t able to fully invest my time into developing it.  This was probably around the same time my mom was diagnosed with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer).  The tumor on her kidney spread to the thoracic spine, which resulted in excruciating pain for months, which eventually lead her to seek medical help, a scheduled MRI, hence, detecting the cancer.  Prior to her diagnosis, I lived a “somewhat” healthy lifestyle.  I had to make some changes to my diet to relieve some inflammation that I had developed.   In a nut shell, I went gluten free and tried to eat as clean as possible.  As a trainer, my philosophy and approach to fitness has evolved through the years, and it continues to progress.  Fitness is my first love, but what I have learned and experienced is that nutrition should be our main focus and we should  incorporate fitness routine based on our goals and needs.  Your health and wellness relies on what you put in your body.  Fitness is important, but it is only a small portion of the big picture.  So I realize this more and more every day, and especially as a female in her 40s.  After my mom’s first spinal surgery nearly 5 years ago and multiple radiation treatments, my family and I thought she was out of the woods.  Unfortunately, about a year and a half later, the cancer came back, and with a vengeance, spreading to 3 other parts of her body.  How could we think that her metastatic cancer was completely gone?  She trusted her doctors, and moved forward with chemo therapy treatment.  I didn’t know much then about the best medical treatment for cancer, but I did know that she needed the right nutrition as well, and the only method I could think of at that time was to put her on a ketogenic diet.   Cancer feeds on sugar, so the goal was to keep sugar away, therefore, I suggested to her that she follow a ketogenic diet, focusing on fat for fuel eliminating sugars.

Mom & Avocado


She enjoyed the diet and she was very diligent about following it.  However, she was still on chemo and developing some serious side effects.  Her doctor would take her off the meds and allow herself to feel normal again, but she always said that the diet provided her with the energy and strength she needed to push through.  Now I can’t say for sure that her body was in a state of ketosis, because I wasn’t with her 24/7 to monitor everything that she put in her month.  I know she would only eat the foods I recommended, but she had plenty of visitors and they would bring her food.  Food that they believed  was “healthy”.   Sadly though, as a society, we are constantly told certain foods are healthy, when in reality they are not.  Anyway, my point is, her cancer never went away, but it never really got worse when she was off the chemo and following the diet.  At least not until she got sick with the flu, which when you have low immunity (which all cancer patients have) you can get sick very easily.  I believe this was the turning point for my mom.  It seemed things weren’t getting better and since her immune system was compromised the cancer was growing.  The tumor on her back grew and walking became extremely challenging.  She had 2 more spinal surgeries, one in February of 2015 and another in August 2015.  This particular tumor was fast growing and causing paralysis on her left side, specifically her leg.  Surprisingly, she survived these surgeries, but her body couldn’t heal the cancer when it was putting so much energy trying to heal everything else caused by the surgery. So I truly don’t believe the cancer killed her, I believe it was the chemo drugs and the surgeries.  That may sound ridiculous to most, but with what I know now and with everything that I have read and studied about health and nutrition these past couple of years, I think some lifestyle changes and adjustments would have resulted in a better outcome.  I really wish I could go back to 2011.  I would have guided her into a different direction with her cancer treatment.   She trusted her doctor, but the doctor knew nothing about nutrition and when things got bad, he gave up.  People need to know that there are other alternatives to treatment for cancer.  We are losing too many people to this horrible disease.  Sadly, on December 25th (Christmas morning) my mother passed away (which, by the way, was her favorite holiday).  So within the last 2 years, I was certified in nutrition and I have been studying up on Integrative Nutrition.  I know so many people who suffer different ailments and struggle every day with feeling “normal”.  I truly believe in the power of foods, herbs, supplements, essential oils, positive thinking, prayer, exercise, music, etc.  So I want to share what I know and share my experiences with everyone and give a different perspective on healing.  Moving forward, I plan on continuing to educate others on fitness and nutrition, but also help provide information and direction on natural alternative methods to healing, and to help find balance in your lives.   I am a busy mom of 4 and know it’s hard to find balance, and every day I struggle with the challenges of daily living.


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**Disclaimer – I am not a “writer” nor am I a “doctor”.  I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure diseases or illnesses, the information presented is just intended to educate and share knowledge.  I always like to share with others some tips and tools so that prompted me to create this forum as a way to educate and provide some direction and alternative suggestions on health and fitness based on my experiences, studies and research!


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