About Me

Hi, my name is Jennifer McLane DiMascio…I am a mother of 4 children; ages, 15, 13, 11, and 10. I always had a love for fitness and health. And now that my children have grown a bit, I have been able to live my dream as a personal trainer. I love helping others reach their goals and making fitness fun. I have spent years advising others about exercise and now I get to do it in my own home gym.

I guess you could say that I am a fitness junkie. I started playing sports when I was 8 years old. I will always remember my first soccer game. The coach of my brother’s team grabbed me and subbed me into the game even though I wasn’t on their team nor was I registered to play. But that day changed evrything for me, I scored my first goal and I was hooked. I loved soccer, but that was just the beginning, I wanted to try anything and everything….Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Cross Country…nothing felt better than moving my body and feeling sweat drip down my face. I had my moments throughout life where I stopped being active, I still loved sports, but I got lazy. That laziness didn’t last long, however, my nutrition was lacking quality nutrients. I am sure most people can relate, I went away to college and found myself partying a lot and not thinking twice about health and fitness. It eventually caught up to me and I decided to get back into fitness by joining the Cross Country team. It was my last year of college that I realized that I was a decent runner…I found it easy to run mile after mile. It was just very easy for me….I guess it was all along, I just didn’t know I had it in me. My love of competing in sports continues today, every race I participate in is an opportunity for me to do better!! Years past and running was my fitness outlet, however, it wasn’t enough. I soon learned that strength and cardio go hand in hand, and cutting back some of the running was probably one of the smartest things I had ever done. I still run and do quite well, but I found that you need variety and running alone will not work every muscle in your body.  I now do Yoga, Step, Kickboxing, Circuits, Bosu…I will try pretty much anything.

My strength and fitness have come a long way and I am pretty proud of my accomplishments. I was an OK runner when I ran in grade school, not the best, but I had my moments. It really wasn’t until after college that I became quite good at it, and now I am even better.  I have obtained personal records in most races within the last year, some shortly after my 40th birthday .  Being a runner has changed my outlook on aging.  I see the future as a bigger challenge, but one that I will continue to fight.  I will continue to train hard, while listening to my body and most especially focusing on my nutrition.  My nutrition has changed drastically.  Check out my nutrition tab for more information on the struggle that I have encountered and I have overcome them.

Follow me as I continue my journey……

Race PRs:
5K – 18:41
5 Miles: 31:28
10 Miles: 1:02:45
Marathon: 3:09


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