Fitness tip for the day:  Listen to your body!!!!  I say this to you as a person who has a hard time cutting back even when I know my body needs it.  Right now, I know the best thing for me is to cut back the cardio.  I am feeling a little bit of a twinge in my right medial part of my ankle.  It’s not a constant lingering pain, it comes and goes…and it’s rarely noticeable.  Could I run on it?  Absolutely, however, I choose not to.  I don’t want to aggravate it or create a bigger problem.  Rest is good and it’s not going to set me back, well at least not my strength.  I can still lift and work my entire body.  My running will have to suffer for now, I do have a big race in a few weeks.  But I don’t want to do anything that could cause permanent damage.  REST is just as important as WORK!!!!!


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